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Billy Buchanan’s career is best defined by his desire to create great music and to share his musical knowledge with others. Billy performs 250 – 300 dates a year, writes songs for various recording artists and licensing firms, and teaches music education and music business classes.





BB's Weekly Blog Recap 4/6/15 - 4/12/15 

Apr 6 - Apr 10 / What a crazy week at the school. Along with my normal teaching duties, I had to help the contestants for the Miss University Christian pageant with the music they were going to perform. Four of my students were in the pageant. They all did an amazing job! The pageant was on Friday night. One of my students, Rachael Swanson, was crowned Ms UC! Made me very proud.

Apr 8 / This was the start of a six show run for me. On Wednesday, the band (Fidele on keys, and Hector on drums) played a private One Spark event on the roof of the Jacksonville Public Library. We were mainly background music, but I think we played really well. I also met a lady that night that was a huge Tears for Fears fan like myself, so that was fun smile emoticon.

Apr 9 / The band (again the 3 piece) played at a another private One Spark event on the 3rd floor of Sweet Pete's, the three story candy store in downtown Jacksonville. I was really excited about this gig, because Sweet Pete's was featured on the TV show, The Profit, last year. We played for most of the creators and business people responsible for bringing One Spark to Jacksonville. It was a really nice gig, and I ran into a few old friends. Good times! I also met the man himself, Sweet Pete, and his lovely wife, Allison. That was awesome!

Apr 10 / The band (4 piece) and I played at Casa Monica in St. Augustine. It was the first night of the Rhythm and Ribs Festival, so it was a pretty slow night for us. But the peeps who were there really enjoyed it. Ha, it actually was a great tip night too. Just saying tongue emoticon.

Apr 11 / The band (5 piece) and I played for The Casarico wedding reception at The Government House in St. Augustine. That was a ton of fun! They danced from start to finish. I had an awesome lineup that night too, including a killer trumpet player name Don Green. Everyone at the reception seemed to have a really good time.

Apr 12 / I lead worship at University Church in Jacksonville. My team did such a great job. One of my vocalists, Cassidy Kinsman, and I sang a duet on the song, "You Won't Relent". It was a great moment. After church, I headed back to St. Augustine to close out the Rhythm and Ribs Festival. I was sooo looking forward to this show. Weellll we hit the stage at 4pm, and it was pouring.... Ugh. Of course, that kept a lot of people away....But the show must go on. The band killed it, and the crowd that was there danced for 90 minutes straight. It honestly was the tightest show we've played in a long time. And the dueling guitar solos by Clay Benjamin and Bruce Carder at the end of Purple Rain was out of this world. Epic!

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