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Sunday, Sept 21
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2pm - 5pm, Palm Coast, FL 
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The Story Behind FFOC

Posts by P.E.G.

Hubcap Obsession  

I have a great story to share... So you guys know that I bought a new car a month ago. Then within a week of buying it, I blew a tire that broke my bumper and scuffed up my door. Well since then, I've had all that repaired. The one thing I didn't tell you is I lost my front passenger side hubcap during the blowout. I ended up replacing all 4 of them. Anyhooo, every time I drive down 95 and get near the spot where I had the blowout, I notice a hubcap on the left side of the highway that looks like it could be my hubcap. But I'm usually driving 75 miles and hr when I see it, so I wasn't sure...So for a month I've been driving by this thing, and every time I see it, I'm like "that sure does look like my hubcap". Ha, seeing that I have major OCD, I've been obsessed with this thing. Finally this week, I decide that I'm going to stop and see if it's my lost hubcap. But...there's no room on the left shoulder to pull over and not get squashed by some automobile doing 100 miles an hour. Sooo, today I decided to stop on the other side of the highway at the exact spot where I think the hubcap is (there's more room to pull over on the other side of the highway). Well what do you know?! IT'S MY HUBCAP! Ha, yippee!! And it wasn't broke or anything. Looks great. Sooo, now I have 2 complete sets of hubcaps and I am no longer obsessed with the hubcap on the side of the highway :-). 

Maroon 5's CD Release Party  

Just watched Maroon 5's CD Release Party on The CW. It was killer. To me, they were one of the first bands to embrace the "new model" in the music industry; Where a band's recordings are completely catered to radio (more dance oriented with loops, keyboard ear candy, processed vocals, etc), but live they are a real band that does great versions of their songs. After their first album (which sounded more like a real band), they kind of lost me because they started catering more to radio, but 10 years later I see the method in their madness. Turns out, it was a wise move for them. Lots of other modern bands have followed their lead. Bruno Mars, The Fray, and Paramore are a few bands that come to mind. They record producer oriented pop hits for radio, but KILL it live. In today's industry, it's certainly not the only way to go about it, but it's definitely a smart way. 

Robin Williams  

Mork and Mindy came out when I was in 4th grade. Robin Williams (Mork) was the immediate stand out character. He was so unusual and hilarious. All the kids at school would imitate him. The "hand shake", the lingo ("Na Nu Na Nu", Shazbot, and K.O."), the way he stood on his head. Just loved it. Of course he went on to become a world class, Oscar winning actor. My favs are Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Dead Poets Society. Like most of us from my generation, this is a shock... I know all the circumstances aren't known, but apparently he committed suicide. That puts a whole other level of sadness to this. How can a man who made so many smile be so unhappy? You just never know what people are going through... We'll miss ya, Robin.

Teaching Position  

I start a new teaching position next week. I'm very excited about it! A couple hours a day, I'll be teaching the awesome middle school and high school students at University Christian School about preparing, performing, running sound, computer graphics, and stage production. This week I'm working on the curriculum. I'm at the point in my career, where all I want to do it give back and share my gifts. Music has been so good to me. I've had some amazing music teachers and mentors in my life. I hope I can be that for these students. 

Highs, Lows, and Everything In Between  

It was a very interesting weekend. Friday, on the way to my gig, my front passenger side tire blew out on my new car. I was already planning on getting new tires this week, but this definitely expedited that plan :-). The blowout was scary enough, but once I pulled off to the side of the highway I was shocked to see that the tire had cracked my bumper, broke the trim on my passenger side door and put black tire scuff all over the right side of my car. My brand new car!! I literally cried :-( . My fam came to my rescue and I was able to get to work. A bud of mine is helping me get my ride purty again. Saturday, I had an afternoon gig that went well, then I had my Saturday night off for the first time in a long time. Just hung around the house. Was refreshing. Sunday, we had a blast at church. The praise team is really growing and there's a renewed fervor in the building. It's an exciting time. My outdoor Sunday evening gig was great, except for the storm cloud that rolled in during my 3rd set. I had to move all of my gear inside to play my last set. It ended up only sprinkling for like 3 minutes and that was it. Ugh... I was not happy. Florida weather....nuff said. Anyhooo, highs, lows, and everything in between. Welcome to a few days in the life of a working musician.