Billy Buchanan

Billy Buchanan’s career is best defined by his desire to create great music and to share his musical knowledge with others. Billy performs 250 – 300 dates a year, writes songs for various recording artists and licensing firms, and teaches music education and music business classes.




My Weekend Takeaway: 2/20 - 2/22 

Fri 2/20 - I played a solo date at Salt Life in St. Augustine. Ha, it was a funny night. The Daytona 500 was this weekend, so a lot of race fans were there. There were lots of Darius Rucker requests :-). 

Sat 2/21 - I played a solo date at Black and Blue in St. Augustine. It was packed the first couple of sets, and the peeps seemed to be really digging it. But I actually enjoyed the last set the most. There was probably only 15 people left in the place. Mostly couples. They were so into it. I think they felt like I was putting on an intimate concert just for them. They hoot and hollered, bought CD's, and tipped well. It was a good night :-).

Sun 2/22 - My band, Free Avenue, and I played Latitude 30 in Jacksonville. It was our second time there. It was one of our first dates with former Al Green guitarist, Clay Benjamin. The man is a beast! Took our whole thing to the next level. There was electricity on that stage for sure! It was pretty full for a Sunday night, and the peeps jumped, jived, and wailed all night long. I felt like I was in a juke joint in 1940's! It was awesome! We made a lot of new fans that night. We'll be there at 3/29/15. 

Sun 2/22 - I led worship at University Church in Jacksonville. My team was killer. 2 of my singers are students in my Worship Arts class I teach during the week. It's so cool to see them using the tools I teach them. They're growing so much. My daughter, Sydney, also sang with us. She's really coming into her own as a vocalist and guitarist. It's amazing to watch... I definitely had a proud daddy moment. 
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