Billy Buchanan

Billy Buchanan’s career is best defined by his desire to create great music and to share his musical knowledge with others. Billy performs 250 – 300 dates a year, writes songs for various recording artists and licensing firms, and teaches music education and music business classes.





BB's Weekly Blog Recap: 3/9 - 3/15 

Mar 9 - Mar 13 / University Christian School: I'm so proud of my students. They are really starting to "get it". So many of them are starting to step up; singing lead, leading the tech team, stepping into other roles, etc. It's such a pleasure watching them grow. It was the week before spring break. But instead of slacking off, they really committed to preparing for the week we get back to school. Good stuff!
Mar 11 / Radio Show: It was such a gorgeous day. Felt like the first day of spring. The whole time I was doing my show, I kept picturing my listeners in their rides jamming to my tunes, with their convertible tops pulled down. Fun thought! :-)

Mar 13 / Casa Monica: The band and I played the Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine. I had my core lineup with me (Troi on bass, Hector on drums, and Fidele on keys). It was definitely more of a "musical" crowd. Not sure why, but there wasn't a lot of dancing that night. Most of them sat and listened intently. But the people really enjoyed it. They bought merch, tipped well, and had tons of good things to say. It was a great night.

Mar 14 / Wedding: The band and I played a super fun wedding reception in Fruitland Park, FL. A fellow guitarist and singer, Andrew Sadlon, and his lovely bride Monica got married. Andrew does shows with us periodically. We jammed for about 120 guests and they danced all night long. The highlight for me was when Andrew came up and sat in with us for about 4 songs. He killed it! Fun fun fun!

Mar 15 / University Church: I led worship at my church. It was a really nice service. The worship team was tight. We played some killer songs, including one of my original songs, Lord God Almighty. Rocked it! We had a guest speaker. He was a great communicator and I loved his message! 

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