Billy Buchanan

Billy Buchanan’s career is best defined by his desire to create great music and to share his musical knowledge with others. Billy performs 250 – 300 dates a year, writes songs for various recording artists and licensing firms, and teaches music education and music business classes.





BB's WEEKLY BLOG RECAP 4/20/15 - 4/26/15 

Apr 20 - Apr 26 / It was spiritual emphasis week at the school, and my class had to lead worship for all of the high school and middle school students on Monday and Tuesday. They killed it! I am blown away by how much they've grown. No only as musicians, vocalists, and techs, but as leaders from the stage. We had a great speaker name Nate Smith there. A lot of students lives were changed this week. The music had a huge part in that.

Apr 22 / It was a bitter sweet radio show this week. I found out the night before that my step dad, Ray Bobo, had a major brain aneurysm. He was rushed to the hospital and was immediately put on life support. Needless to say, I did my radio show with a heavy heart. At the end of my show, I dedicated a beautiful jazz version of Amazing Grace to him. He passed away 20 minutes after my show ended....

Apr 24 / Played the first of two nights at A1A Ale Works in St. Augustine with my band, Free Avenue, behind me. We had a lot of fun, and a lot of our peeps came out to see us and dance. It was the first time we had played there in a few months.

Apr 25 / I played a solo date on the rooftop of the San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine. Lots of my friends and fans came out. Even with a little rain, we had an awesome afternoon. That night, I played a 2nd show at A1A Ale Works with the band. We had a guest guitarist, Kris Joslyn, play with us. He did a fabulous job. We did quite a few improv jams that night. Kept things fresh, and the audience was digging it!

Apr 26 / Fun worship service at UC. The band, as always, did a superb job, but today I want to brag on my techs. Our sound guy, Tyler, does such an amazing job each week. He always makes us rock! My manager, Michele, ran graphics this week. She was right on point with the lyrics. Her mom was in town from Nashville and was quite impressed with us smile emoticon. Closed out my weekend with my bi weekly stint at Salt Life in St. Augustine Beach. Lots of "listeners" there that night. People sat right in front of me and listened intently. I love those kind of nights. You feel like they're really getting it.

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